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The Case For Curiosity

To foster innovation or just stay fresh, smart businesses are encouraging curiosity. Curiosity has had its share of bad connotations. Curiosity is an oddity, scorned as nosiness, and even blamed for killing the cat!   Nevertheless, it’s a primary driver of human evolution, and many businesses today are openly embracing it. It’s now among the desirable traits sought inContinue reading “The Case For Curiosity”

New Emphasis on Worker Mental and Physical Health

In the lengthening shadow of the pandemic, studies show increasing workplace concerns. Awareness of corporate leadership’s responsibility for safeguarding and even bettering mental health has led to improvements in recent years. For decades, consultants had advised executives of the need to provide wellness programs for both employees and management personnel.  In the lengthening shadow of aContinue reading “New Emphasis on Worker Mental and Physical Health”

Cultivating a Hybrid Workplace

Tips for executives on managing a workforce combining remote and onsite employees.  The onset of the Coronavirus pandemic required companies that could, shift to partial or total remote working. Suddenly, a slow, measured evolution borne of the Internet age leapt into hyperdrive. Before 2020, the number of Americans telecommuting, as it was called, was about 4.7Continue reading “Cultivating a Hybrid Workplace”

Do CEOs Say We’ve Turned a Corner?

YPO’s recent survey of 1,700 business leaders identifies challenges, outlook   As we enter 2022 and approach the third year of this shape-shifting pandemic, chief executives continue to navigate uncharted waters. Nevertheless, some companies are able to convert their obstacles into opportunities and grow. Others struggle against supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, inflation and high staffContinue reading “Do CEOs Say We’ve Turned a Corner?”

Tips for Building Trust in Business Relationships

Trust is perhaps the most crucial pillar to establishing a positive, sustainable relationship, whether it be with clients, employees or business associates. Building trust does not happen overnight. It takes clear communication, integrity and consistent follow-through (among other factors) over time.  Clear and Authentic Communication It is never safe to assume. Practical assumptions can beContinue reading “Tips for Building Trust in Business Relationships”

How Innovation Works and Why

The leading entrepreneurs of today’s world rely on innovation to build their careers and to justify the many years of hardships that are often the result of their efforts. Ultimately, entrepreneurs bring answers into the world that solve problems or build on prior innovations.  “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shouldersContinue reading “How Innovation Works and Why”

Tips for Delivering Constructive Criticism

As many professionals continue to work remotely, new challenges and obstacles arise every day. Aside from staying personally accountable, focused and driven, people in leadership roles face the challenge of delivering constructive criticism to others without having the benefit of in-person interaction. While it can feel insensitive to do this remotely, it is important thatContinue reading “Tips for Delivering Constructive Criticism”

Why Philanthropy is Good for Business

Corporate philanthropy and social responsibility is win-win for companies on many levels as well as for the community at large. Of course, it improves your brand and it’s the right thing to do, which is why more companies today are ramping up their programs and making it a more thoughtful process and a priority. There’sContinue reading “Why Philanthropy is Good for Business”

How to Keep a Strong Culture During Growth

Leading a rapidly growing company can present many unique challenges that can test the grit of management and their commitment to the company’s core values and culture. Inability to manage increased complexity, pressures on systems and processes, and rapidly evolving market demands while failing to keep pace with innovation are only among the challenges thatContinue reading “How to Keep a Strong Culture During Growth”

3 Traits of Emotional Intelligence and How To Put it To Use

Offices are generally a melting pot of different types of personalities. There are the drama queens/kings, the gossips, the shrinking violets and the go-getters, just to name a few. If you learn to look carefully, however, you will most likely find at least one person that never seems to be involved in major office drama,Continue reading “3 Traits of Emotional Intelligence and How To Put it To Use”