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New Emphasis on Worker Mental and Physical Health

In the lengthening shadow of the pandemic, studies show increasing workplace concerns. Awareness of corporate leadership’s responsibility for safeguarding and even bettering mental health has led to improvements in recent years. For decades, consultants had advised executives of the need to provide wellness programs for both employees and management personnel.  In the lengthening shadow of aContinue reading “New Emphasis on Worker Mental and Physical Health”


Tips for Building Trust in Business Relationships

Trust is perhaps the most crucial pillar to establishing a positive, sustainable relationship, whether it be with clients, employees or business associates. Building trust does not happen overnight. It takes clear communication, integrity and consistent follow-through (among other factors) over time.  Clear and Authentic Communication It is never safe to assume. Practical assumptions can beContinue reading “Tips for Building Trust in Business Relationships”

How to Keep a Strong Culture During Growth

Leading a rapidly growing company can present many unique challenges that can test the grit of management and their commitment to the company’s core values and culture. Inability to manage increased complexity, pressures on systems and processes, and rapidly evolving market demands while failing to keep pace with innovation are only among the challenges thatContinue reading “How to Keep a Strong Culture During Growth”

Communication Habits of Effective Leaders

Leaders come in many different shades, shapes and sizes. One of the greatest assets and strengths of a good leader is effective communication. Leaders have to direct, motivate and inspire teammates daily to work smart and achieve targets as well as organizational goals. While there is no one-set method of communicating, there are a numberContinue reading “Communication Habits of Effective Leaders”

Tips for Encouraging Innovation

It is easy, but dangerous, to maintain the status-quo in business. Though it takes less work to continue doing business as usual, you’re at risk of losing out on market opportunities and being swallowed up by the competition. Today’s digital age demands innovation, and agility to respond quickly to market changes. Technological advances and onlineContinue reading “Tips for Encouraging Innovation”

Time to Change Your Business Strategy?

One of the earliest requirements of a successful business is laying out clear goals and objectives, and that must be followed by outlining an ambitious yet realistic business strategy to attain them.  In my experience, any strategy is “the art of getting things done.” Simply put, an organization’s success relies on its capacity to implementContinue reading “Time to Change Your Business Strategy?”

How to Develop Leaders

At Lockton Pacific Series, we are fortunate to have many of our industry’s top talent among our leadership ranks. It didn’t happen by accident.  Building this stellar leadership team required a strategy that combined developing and promoting talent from within the organization with recruiting proven prospects from outside our company.  This mixing of insiders whoContinue reading “How to Develop Leaders”

Hiring in a ‘Post-Pandemic’ World

With no end-date in sight for Covid and its variants, smart businesses are adopting strategies and processes in line with the new realities. As 2021 and the second year of Covid-19 wind to a close, new virus variants continue to delay a “Covid-free, post-pandemic” era. Perhaps there isn’t going to be a Covid-free future andContinue reading “Hiring in a ‘Post-Pandemic’ World”

How to Delegate Effectively

An executive’s first step towards greater efficiency may simply be learning to let go. Business executives who want to increase productivity, boost morale, and strengthen workforce commitment within their companies can begin by letting others take larger roles in the decision making. Not only will sharing your higher-level responsibilities positively impact company culture, it willContinue reading “How to Delegate Effectively”