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About Tim Noonan

A dynamic leader on all accounts, Tim Noonan is not only the Chairman of Lockton Pacific Series, he’s also an active member of a global community of chief executives and leaders. Throughout his work, he’s committed to public service, corporate governance, and educational advancement.

Alongside his work in insurance, Tim practices his core belief that life’s chief obligation is service to others. As a result, he works actively with several organizations. He’s worked with the Young Presidents Organization for more than two decades – an organization where he’s held numerous roles throughout his time. Additionally, Tim is a Board Member of the Town Hall Los Angeles, one of the top 10 leadership forums in the nation. He’s also advised on several public committees and commissions, including The California State Athletic Commission, the Rampart Independent Review Panel, and the Workers’ Compensation Task Force.

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  • The Case For Curiosity

    April 4, 2022 by

    To foster innovation or just stay fresh, smart businesses are encouraging curiosity. Curiosity has had its share of bad connotations. Curiosity is an oddity, scorned as nosiness, and even blamed for killing the cat!   Nevertheless, it’s a primary driver of human evolution, and many businesses today are openly embracing it. It’s now among the desirable traits sought in… Read more

  • New Emphasis on Worker Mental and Physical Health

    April 4, 2022 by

    In the lengthening shadow of the pandemic, studies show increasing workplace concerns. Awareness of corporate leadership’s responsibility for safeguarding and even bettering mental health has led to improvements in recent years. For decades, consultants had advised executives of the need to provide wellness programs for both employees and management personnel.  In the lengthening shadow of a… Read more

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