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A dynamic leader on all accounts, Tim Noonan is not only the President and Chief Executive Officer at Lockton Pacific Series, he’s also an active member of a global community of chief executives and leaders. Throughout his work, he’s committed to public service, corporate governance, and educational advancement.

Alongside his work in insurance, Tim practices his core belief that life’s chief obligation is service to others. As a result, he works actively with several organizations. He’s worked with the Young Presidents Organization for more than two decades – an organization where he’s held numerous roles throughout his time. Additionally, Tim is a Board Member of the Town Hall Los Angeles, one of the top 10 leadership forums in the nation. He’s also advised on several public committees and commissions, including The California State Athletic Commission, the Rampart Independent Review Panel, and the Workers’ Compensation Task Force.

For the latest updates from Tim Noonan, check out his website! http://timnoonan.us/

  • Tips for Execs: Employee Retention

    December 1, 2021 by

    How can corporate leaders curb escalating workforce turnover? Companies large and small are losing employees at a national rate of 3 to 4.5 million employees per month. And the trend is increasing. As executives, we know that the impact to our companies goes far beyond lost productivity, which alone drains U.S. businesses of $1.8 trillion annually. The causes… Read more

  • Executive Notebook: Philanthropy is Everybody’s Business

    December 1, 2021 by

    Corporate Leadership is Driving a New Level of Community Involvement Christmas decorations cheering up retail outlets, supermarkets and business offices aren’t the only signs that the year is winding down. Gentle nudges from non-profits to make our 2021 tax-deductible donations are another indicator. Good cheer and charity, of course, aren’t restricted to December. And in… Read more

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