Time to Change Your Business Strategy?

One of the earliest requirements of a successful business is laying out clear goals and objectives, and that must be followed by outlining an ambitious yet realistic business strategy to attain them.  In my experience, any strategy is “the art of getting things done.” Simply put, an organization’s success relies on its capacity to implementContinue reading “Time to Change Your Business Strategy?”

How to Develop Leaders

At Lockton Pacific Series, we are fortunate to have many of our industry’s top talent among our leadership ranks. It didn’t happen by accident.  Building this stellar leadership team required a strategy that combined developing and promoting talent from within the organization with recruiting proven prospects from outside our company.  This mixing of insiders whoContinue reading “How to Develop Leaders”

Hiring in a ‘Post-Pandemic’ World

With no end-date in sight for Covid and its variants, smart businesses are adopting strategies and processes in line with the new realities. As 2021 and the second year of Covid-19 wind to a close, new virus variants continue to delay a “Covid-free, post-pandemic” era. Perhaps there isn’t going to be a Covid-free future andContinue reading “Hiring in a ‘Post-Pandemic’ World”

How to Delegate Effectively

An executive’s first step towards greater efficiency may simply be learning to let go. Business executives who want to increase productivity, boost morale, and strengthen workforce commitment within their companies can begin by letting others take larger roles in the decision making. Not only will sharing your higher-level responsibilities positively impact company culture, it willContinue reading “How to Delegate Effectively”

Tips for Execs: Employee Retention

How can corporate leaders curb escalating workforce turnover? Companies large and small are losing employees at a national rate of 3 to 4.5 million employees per month. And the trend is increasing. As executives, we know that the impact to our companies goes far beyond lost productivity, which alone drains U.S. businesses of $1.8 trillion annually. The causesContinue reading “Tips for Execs: Employee Retention”

Executive Notebook: Philanthropy is Everybody’s Business

Corporate Leadership is Driving a New Level of Community Involvement Christmas decorations cheering up retail outlets, supermarkets and business offices aren’t the only signs that the year is winding down. Gentle nudges from non-profits to make our 2021 tax-deductible donations are another indicator. Good cheer and charity, of course, aren’t restricted to December. And inContinue reading “Executive Notebook: Philanthropy is Everybody’s Business”

How to Make Ethical Decisions in a Commercial World

Every business decision has consequences, and with so many factors to consider – and many unknowns we can’t consider – those consequences can be serious. For the executive whose decisions may impact large numbers of employees, vendors and consumers, it can feel like a high-wire ride on a unicycle.  Now, toss ethics into the decision-making process, and keepingContinue reading “How to Make Ethical Decisions in a Commercial World”

The Biggest Cause of Workplace Burnout And What To Do About It

We’ve all felt it and seen it in our coworkers – a positive link between job satisfaction and productivity.  When we’re happy with our company and our role in it, when there’s a healthy level of challenge to keep us engaged and when we feel we’re contributing to the team, we are motivated to doContinue reading “The Biggest Cause of Workplace Burnout And What To Do About It”

Important Soft Skills for Success at Work

For years the focus of hiring was on individuals that possessed strong technical skills and expertise in their respective fields. Now, interpersonal skills are leading the way into the future: the priority recently is to screen job candidates for soft skills. Also known as emotional intelligence (EQ), soft skills help to set people apart. Unlike “hard” skills,Continue reading “Important Soft Skills for Success at Work”

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